The VisAO Camera
Todo List
Member QTITempProbe::readSerialNumber ()
handle isser == -1 here
Member VisAO::CCD47Ctrl::FirstJoeConfig (void)
Make this do something usefule.
Class VisAO::fir_filter
fir_filter: need error checking in read_coef_file
Class VisAO::frameserver
manage clearing the input ping channel better on frameserver
Member VisAO::frameserver::send_frame ()
modify to allow for the case where the last packet has less than 16 bytes, so the footer starts in 2nd to last packet.
Member VisAO::VisAOApp_base::get_fifo_channel_response (std::string *resp, int ch)
get_fifo_channel_response is a busy wait. should select or poll instead, but with signal safety.