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ShutterControl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ShutterControl ()
 Default constructor.
 ShutterControl (double dt, int st)
 Constructor to set dead_time and sw_state.
int set_last_t (double lt)
int open_shutter (void *adata=0)
int close_shutter (void *adata=0)
virtual int set_state (int st)
virtual int get_state ()
virtual int get_sw_state ()
virtual int get_hw_state ()
double get_curr_t ()
virtual int start_ShutterControl ()
virtual int shutdown_ShutterControl ()

Protected Member Functions

int initialize_ShutterControl ()
 Sets the basic parameters to default values.
virtual int do_shutter_open (void *adata)
virtual int do_shutter_close (void *adata)

Protected Attributes

double dead_time
 Time to wait between commanded changes in state.
int sw_state
 1 is open, -1 is shut, 0 is unknown
int hw_state
 1 is open, -1 is shut, 0 is unknown
bool ignore_hw_state
 For when hw_state is unavailable.
double curr_t
 the current time
double last_t
 the time of the last commanded change in state
timeval tp
 for use in getting system time

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file ShutterControl.h.

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