The VisAO Camera
VisAO::profiler Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 profiler (int nlogs)
int set_numlogs (int nlogs)
int get_numlogs ()
int get_currlog ()
int get_abscurrlog ()
seqlogget_seqlog ()
int set_base_path (const std::string &bp)
std::string get_base_path ()
int get_nextlog (int clog)
int logseqmsg (const char *sm, const char *sp, timespec *st)
bool logs_to_write ()
int write_logs ()
void start ()

Public Attributes

pthread_mutex_t thmutex
pthread_cond_t thcond

Protected Attributes

int numlogs
int currlog
int abscurrlog
std::string base_path
char fnamebuff [22]
std::string curr_path
int fd
 file descriptor of the currently open file.
int logs_per_file
 maximum number of logs to write per file.
int logs_in_file
 number of logs in current file.
int last_written
 index of the last file written.
int abslast_written
 last file written
pthread_mutex_t my_mutex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file profiler.h.

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