The VisAO Camera
VisAO::aosystem_status_board Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

char dateobs [256]
int ut
double epoch
double ra
double dec
double az
double el
double am
double pa
double ha
double zd
int st
int istracking
int isguiding
int isslewing
int guider_ismoving
double catra
double catdec
double catep
double catro
char catrm [256]
char catobj [256]
char obsinst [256]
char obsname [256]
double rotang
double rotoffset
int rotfollowing
double wxtemp
double wxpres
double wxhumid
double wxwind
double wxwdir
double wxdewpoint
double wxpwvest
double ttruss
double tcell
double tseccell
double tambient
double dimmfwhm
int dimmtime
double mag1fwhm
int mag1time
double filter1_pos
double filter1_reqpos
char filter1_name [256]
double baysidex
int baysidex_enabled
double baysidey
int baysidey_enabled
double baysidez
int baysidez_enabled
int correctedmodes
int loop_on
int loop_open_counter
char modal_basis [256]
char reconstructor [256]
int n_modes
int homiddle
char loop_gains [256]
double loop_gain_tt
double loop_gain_ho1
double loop_gain_ho2
double tt_amp [3]
double tt_freq [3]
double tt_offset [3]
double ccd39_freq
int ccd39_bin
int wfs_counts
int nodInProgress
int orient_useel
int orient_usepa
- Public Attributes inherited from VisAO::basic_status_board
char appname [25]
int control_mode
struct timespec last_update
double max_update_interval

Detailed Description

Definition at line 240 of file statusboard.h.

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