The VisAO Camera
VisAO::ccd47_status_board Struct Reference
+ Inheritance diagram for VisAO::ccd47_status_board:

Public Attributes

int status
int speed
int xbin
int ybin
int windowx
int windowy
int repetitions
double framerate
int gain
double joe_temp
double head_temp1
double head_temp2
int black0
int black1
int saving
int skipping
int remaining
int imtype
 0=science, 1=acquisition, 2=dark, 3=sky, 4=flat
- Public Attributes inherited from VisAO::basic_status_board
char appname [25]
int control_mode
struct timespec last_update
double max_update_interval

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file statusboard.h.

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