The VisAO Camera
VisAO::littlejoe_program Struct Reference

Holds the details of one little joe program. More...

#include <CCD47Ctrl.h>

Public Attributes

std::string name
 Program name.
int readout_speed
 Program readout speed, pixel rate in khz.
int binx
 x binning
int biny
 y binning
int windowx
 x window size
int windowy
 y window size
float32 delay_base
float32 delay_inc
int black_levels [4]
 Array of default black levels. More...
std::string EDT_cfg_fname
 Name of the EDT config file for this program.

Detailed Description

A few differences from the Arcetri version.

Definition at line 61 of file CCD47Ctrl.h.

Member Data Documentation

int VisAO::littlejoe_program::black_levels[4]

This should be long as the highest no. of black level possible.

Definition at line 74 of file CCD47Ctrl.h.

Referenced by VisAO::CCD47Ctrl::ReadProgram().

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