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fifo_channel Struct Reference

The basic fifo_channel structure. More...

#include <fifoutils.h>

Public Attributes

int fd_out
 output file descriptor
int fd_in
 input file descriptor
char * outfname
 output file name
char * infname
 input file name
int(* input_handler )(fifo_channel *)
 the handler for input
char * server_response
 buffer for the server response after output
char * seqmsg
 Pointer to a possible sequence message, normally just the \0 in server_response.
int sr_sz
 size of the server_response
void * auxdata
 for passing other data to the handler. note that no memory management is done.
int timeout
 true if last read was a timeout.
time_t last_atime_out
 last access time for the output channel, used for clearing timeouts
time_t last_atime_in
 last access time for the input channel, used for clearing timeouts

Detailed Description

Contains the meta data for a single (both ways) fifo i/o channel. Holds the file descriptors, the file names, and pointer to the input handler.

Definition at line 73 of file fifoutils.h.

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