The VisAO Camera
ebt_u_match Struct Reference

Public Attributes

unsigned int size
void(* help )(void)
void(* init )(struct ebt_entry_match *m)
int(* parse )(int c, char **argv, int argc, const struct ebt_u_entry *entry, unsigned int *flags, struct ebt_entry_match **match)
void(* final_check )(const struct ebt_u_entry *entry, const struct ebt_entry_match *match, const char *name, unsigned int hookmask, unsigned int time)
void(* print )(const struct ebt_u_entry *entry, const struct ebt_entry_match *match)
int(* compare )(const struct ebt_entry_match *m1, const struct ebt_entry_match *m2)
const struct option * extra_ops
unsigned int flags
unsigned int option_offset
struct ebt_entry_match * m
unsigned int used
struct ebt_u_matchnext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 144 of file ebtables_u.h.

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