The VisAO Camera
libvisaoc.c File Reference

VisAO software utilitites, definitions in c. More...

#include "libvisao.h"

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void fifo_error_message (const char *msg, const char *file, int line)
 The fifoutils error reporting function. More...
int get_dio_fnames (char *fout, char *fin, char *fbase, int ch)
 Fills in the properly formatted dioserver channel fifo names.
double ts_to_curr_time (struct timespec *tsp)
 Convert a timespec structure to double seconds.
double tv_to_curr_time (struct timeval *tvp)
 Convert a timeval structure to double seconds.
double get_curr_time ()
 Gets the current CLOCK_REALTIME time, returns it in seconds to double precision.
int create_shmem (int *shmemid, key_t mkey, size_t sz)
 Create a shared memory buffer.
void * attach_shm (size_t *sz, key_t mkey, int shmemid)
 Attach to a shared memory buffer and get its size.
double ComputeFramerate (double delay_base, double delay_inc, int rep)
 Calculate frame rate given Little Joe program parameters.
int ComputeRepsFrameRate (double delay_base, double delay_inc, double fr)
int ComputeRepsExpTime (double delay_base, double delay_inc, double et)
int sigproof_sleep (double secs, int *dienow)
 Signal proof sleep function. More...

Detailed Description

Jared R. Males

Definition in file libvisaoc.c.

Function Documentation

void fifo_error_message ( const char *  ,
const char *  ,

This passes the ERRMSG macro in fifoutils out to the global_error_report.

Definition at line 18 of file libvisaoc.c.

int sigproof_sleep ( double  secs,
int dienow 

Sleeps for at least secs seconds, even if interrupted by a handled signal. May sleep for longer if signal handling takes a long time. Monitors the integer pointed by dienow and exits if it becomes 1 set dienow to 0 to ignore.

Definition at line 161 of file libvisaoc.c.

References get_curr_time().