The VisAO Camera
visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def get_state (self)
def stop (self)
def start (self)
def save
def savescience (self, n)
def savedark (self, n)
def wait_save (self)
def subdir (self, sd)
def imtype (self, it)
def reps (self, rp)
def exptime (self, et)
def get_framerate (self)
def get_reps (self)
def get_subdir (self)
def set_program (self, pixrate, window, gain, etime)
- Public Member Functions inherited from visaofifos.VisAOFifoDev
def setup_fifo_names (self)
def open_fifoch (self)
def write_fifoch (self, com)
def close_fifoch (self)
def connect (self)
def take_control
def giveup_control (self)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from visaofifos.VisAOFifoDev

Detailed Description

   Class to control the ccd47.

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Member Function Documentation

def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.get_state (   self)
def (   self,
  im_type = 0 
def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.savescience (   self,
   Save science data.
   n = -1 save continuously
   n = 0 stop saving
   n = >0 save n images

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def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.savedark (   self,
def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.wait_save (   self)
def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.subdir (   self,
def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.reps (   self,
   Set ccd 47 accumulator reps

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References visaofifos.VisAOFifoDev.write_fifoch().

def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.exptime (   self,
   Set ccd 47 exposure time

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References visaofifos.VisAOFifoDev.write_fifoch().

Referenced by visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.set_program().

def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.get_framerate (   self)
def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.get_reps (   self)
def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.get_subdir (   self)
def visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.set_program (   self,
   Set the CCD47 program.
   pixrate = integer, the pixel rate.  Must be one of 2500, 250, or 80.
   window = integer, the window size, depending on pixel rate can be 1024, 512, 256, 64,32
   gain = string the gain.  Choices are 'H', 'MH', 'ML', or 'L'
   etime = exposure time, in seconds.  0 is the minimum exposure time for the other settings

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References visao.VisAO.connect(), visaofifos.VisAOFifoDev.connect(), visaodevices.FocusCtrl.connected, visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.connected, visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.exptime(), ShutterControl.get_state(), visaodevices.CCD47Ctrl.get_state(), and visaofifos.VisAOFifoDev.write_fifoch().

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