The VisAO Camera
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NVisAOThe namespace of VisAO software
 CCCD47CtrlThe controller for the VisAO CCD47 via its Little Joe
 CdioserverClass to manage access to a digital input/output device
 Cdioserver_chHolds the information for one digital I/O channel
 CESPMotorCtrlThe ESP motor controller class
 CFilterWheelLocalA class to provide Filter Wheel functionality for the VisAO Camera
 CFocusMotorCtrlThe focus stage stepper motor controller class
 CframegrabberThe basic VisAO framegrabber
 Cframegrabber39The framegrabber specialization for the CCD39
 Cframegrabber47The framegrabber specialization for the CCD47
 CframeserverClass for serving frames over UDP
 CframewriterA class for writing image frames from shared memory to disk
 CGimbalMotorCtrlThe gimbal motor controller class
 CJoeCtrlThe interface between the CCD47Ctrl class and the AO Supervisor
 Clittlejoe_programHolds the details of one little joe program
 Clittlejoe_programsetHolds the details of a little joe program set (i.e. a pattern/con file pair)
 CPwrMonA class to monitor the VisAOPwrCtrl via the RTDB
 CreconstructorThe VisAO reconstructor
 CShutterRemoteControlClass to provide remote control (via the AO system) of the Shutter
 CsysmonDThe VisAO system monitor
 CVisAOApp_baseThe base class for VisAO applications
 CVisAOApp_standaloneThe standalone VisAO application, does not interface with the AO Supervisor
 CVisAOSimpleMotorCtrlA class to provide VisAO functionality to the adopt motor controller
 CWollastonStatusThe wollaston lift status maintainer
 Cfifo_channelThe basic fifo_channel structure
 Cfifo_listA structure to hold a list of fifo_channels
 CsharedimConvenience structure for an image
 Csharedim_stackClass to manage a stack of images in shared memory
 Csharedim_stack_headerConvenience structure for the stack header