Extreme Wavefront Control Lab

The Extreme Wavefront Control Lab at the University of Arizona rearranges starlight to reveal planets. We accomplish this with novel optics, real-time control systems, and large-scale data post-processing.

MagAO-X is the spiritual successor to MagAO, optimized for faster correction and shorter wavelengths.

Rendering of MagAO-X uncovered on the Nasmyth platform of the Magellan Clay 6.5-meter telescope, with telescope for scale.

First-light observations were conducted in 2019B (December 2019), with continued commissioning and science observations in 2022A. The instrument is currently en-route to Chile for 2022B.

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MagAO improves the resolution of the Magellan Clay 6.5-meter telescope by means of an adaptive secondary mirror and control system.

The light is then fed to VisAO for visible-light observations and Clio for infrared observations.

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