MagAO Publications


Refereed Publications (3):

Pearce, L. et al., “Companion Mass Limits for 17 Binary Systems Obtained with Binary Differential Imaging and MagAO/Clio”
MNRAS, 515, 3        ADS       ArXiv

Balmer, W. et al., “Improved Orbital Constraints and Hα Photometric Monitoring of the Directly Imaged Protoplanet Analog HD 142527 B”
AJ, 164, 29    ADS    ArXiv

Sutlieff, B. et al., “High-contrast observations of brown dwarf companion HR 2562 B with the vector Apodizing Phase Plate coronagraph”
MNRAS, 506,3.    ADS.    ArXiv


Refereed Publications (2):

Xie, X. et al., “MagAO Observations of the Binary Microlens OGLE-2014-BLG-1050 Prefer the Higher-mass Solution”
AJ, 161, 3   ADS    ArXiv

Shan, Y. et al.,  “OGLE-2007-BLG-224L: A Direct Test of Terrestrial Parallax”
AJ, 908, 2    ADS    ArXiv


Refereed Publications (1):

Sallum, S. et al.,  “New Spatially Resolved Imaging of the SR 21 Transition Disk and Constraints on the Small-grain Disk Geometry”
AJ, 883, 1   ADS   ArXiv


Refereed Publications (2):

Wu, Y.-L., et al., “The Intricate Structure of HH 508, the Brightest Microjet in the Orion Nebula”
ApJ, 854, 144, 2018    ADS    arxiv preprint

Wagner, K., et al., “The Orbit of the Companion to HD 100453A: Binary-driven Spiral Arms in a Protoplanetary Disk”
ApJ, 854, 130    ADS    arxiv preprint

AAS 2018:

Follette, et al., “The MagAO Giant Accreting Protoplanet Survey (GAPlanetS): Recent Results”


Refereed Publications (9):

Shan, Y., et al., “The Multiplicity of M Dwarfs in Young Moving Groups”
ApJ 846, 93, 2017    ADS    arxiv preprint

Kellogg, K., et al., “The TWA 3 Young Triple System: Orbits, Disks, Evolution”
ApJ 844, 168, 2017     ADS    arxiv preprint

Follette, K., et al., “Complex Spiral Structure in the HD 100546 Transitional Disk as Revealed by GPI and MagAO”
AJ 153, 264, 2017    ADS    arxiv preprint

Rameau, J., et al., “An Optical/Near-infrared Investigation of HD 100546 b with the Gemini Planet Imager and MagAO”
AJ 153, 244, 2017     ADS    arxiv preprint

Weston, M., et al., “Laser-Guide-Star Satellite for Ground-Based Adaptive Optics Imaging of Geosynchronous Satellites”
JSpRo 54, 621-639, 2017    ADS    arxiv preprint

Wu, Y.-L., et al., “Resolving the Hα-emitting Region in the Wind of η Carinae”
ApJL, 841, L7, 2017     ADS    arxiv preprint

Wu, Y.-L., et al., “An ALMA and MagAO Study of the Substellar Companion GQ Lup B”
ApJ, 836 223 ,2017    ADS    arxiv preprint

Shepard, M., et al., “Radar observations and shape model of asteroid 16 Psyche”
Icarus, 281, 388-403, 2017    ADS

Otten, G., et al., “On-sky Performance Analysis of the Vector Apodizing Phase Plate Coronagraph on MagAO/Clio2”
ApJ 834, 175, 2017    ADS    arxiv preprint


Refereed Publications (6):

Espinoza, N., et al., “Discovery and Validation of a High-Density sub-Neptune from the K2 Mission”
ApJ 830, 43, 2016     ADS    arxiv preprint

Rodigas, T. J., et al., “MagAO Imaging of Long-period Objects (MILO). II. A Puzzling White Dwarf around the Sun-like Star HD 11112”
ApJ 831, 177, 2016    ADS    arxiv preprint

Stone, J., et al., “L-band Spectroscopy with Magellan-AO/Clio2: First Results on Young Low-mass Companions”
ApJ 829, 39, 2016    ADS    arxiv preprint

Wu, Y.-L, et al., “Magellan AO System z‧, Y S , and L‧ Observations of the Very Wide 650 AU HD 106906 Planetary System”
ApJ 823, 24, 2016    ADS    arxiv preprint

Stone, J., et al., “Adaptive Optics imaging of VHS 1256-1257: A Low Mass Companion to a Brown Dwarf Binary System”
ApJ 818, L12, 2016      ADS     arxiv preprint

Rodigas, T. J., et al., “MagAO Imaging of Long-period Objects (MILO). I. A Benchmark M Dwarf Companion Exciting a Massive Planet around the Sun-like Star HD 7449”
ApJ, 818, 106R, 2016      ADS     arxiv preprint

Van Dyk, S., et al., “Possible Identification of the Progenitor of SN 2016adj in NGC 5128 (Centaurus A)”
ATel #8693     ADS     Blog Post

SPIE 2016:

Sallum, S., et al., “Imaging protoplanets: observing transition disks with non-redundant masking”
SPIE 99070D, 2016    ADS    arxiv preprint

Morzinski, K., et al., “MagAO: status and science”
SPIE 990901, 2016    ADS    arxiv preprint

Kopon, D., et al., “On-sky demonstration of the GMT dispersed fringe phasing sensor prototype on the Magellan Telescope”
SPIE 990946, 2016    ADS

Males, J., et al., “The path to visible extreme adaptive optics with MagAO-2K and MagAO-X”
SPIE 990952, 2016    ADS

Zúñiga, S., et al., “Vibrations in MagAO: frequency-based analysis of on-sky data, resonance sources identification, and future challenges in vibrations mitigation”
SPIE 99093L, 2016    ADS

Garcés, J., et al, “Vibrations in MagAO: resonance sources identification and first approaches for modeling and control”
SPIE 99093G, 2016    ADS

Haug-Baltzell, A., et al. ,”High-contrast imaging in the cloud with klipReduce and Findr”
SPIE 99130F, 2016    ADS

AAS 2016:

Rodigas, T. J., et al., “How to Image Exoplanets at Solar System Scales”

Follette, K., et al., “…22710605F”

Shepard, M., et al., “Asteroid 16 Psyche: Radar Observations and Shape Model”


Refereed Publications (8):

Sallum, S., et al. “Accreting protoplanets in the LkCa 15 transition disk”
Nature, Vol. 527, Issue 7578, pp. 342-344 (2015)      ADS     arxiv preprint

Morzinski, K. M., et al. “Magellan Adaptive Optics First-light Observations of the Exoplanet β Pic b. II. 3-5 μm Direct Imaging with MagAO+Clio, and the Empirical Bolometric Luminosity of a Self-luminous Giant Planet”
ApJ 815, 108, 2015      ADS     arxiv preprint

Rodigas, T. J., et al. “Direct Exoplanet Detection with Binary Differential Imaging”
ApJ, 811, 157R, 2015     ADS     arxiv preprint

Wu, Y.-L., et al. “New Extinction and Mass Estimates of the Low-mass Companion 1RXS 1609 B with the Magellan AO System: Evidence of an Inclined Dust Disk”
ApJ 807, L13     ADS      arxiv preprint

Mauerhan, J., et al. “Multiwavelength Observations of NaSt1 (WR 122): Equatorial Mass Loss and X-rays from an Interacting Wolf-Rayet Binary”
MNRAS 450, 3, 2551     ADS      arxiv preprint      Blog Post

Sallum, S., et al. “New Spatially Resolved Observations of the T Cha Transition Disk and Constraints on the Previously Claimed Substellar Companion”
ApJ, 801, 85, 2015     ADS      arxiv preprint      Blog Post

Wu, Y.-L., et al. “New Extinction and Mass Estimates from Optical Photometry of the Very Low Mass Brown Dwarf Companion CT Chamaeleontis B with the Magellan AO System”
ApJ, 801, 4, 2015      ADS      arxiv preprint      Blog Post

Rodigas, T. J., et al. “On the Morphology and Chemical Composition of the HR 4796A Debris Disk”
ApJ, 798, 96, 2015     ADS      arxiv preprint      Blog Post


Refereed Publications (6):

Nielsen, E., et al. “The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign: The Orbit of the Young Exoplanet beta Pictoris b”
ApJ 794, 158, 2014    ADS    arxiv preprint

Biller, B., et al. “An Enigmatic Point-like Feature within the HD 169142 Transitional Disk”
ApJ 792, L22, 2014    ADS    arxiv preprint

Skemer, A., et al. “Directly Imaged L-T Transition Exoplanets in the Mid-Infrared”.
ApJ,792, 17, 2014     ADS      arxiv preprint      Blog Post

Rodigas, T. J., et al. “Polarized Light Imaging of the HD 142527 Transition Disk with the Gemini Planet Imager: Dust around the Close-in Companion”
ApJ 791, 37, 2014    ADS    arxiv preprint

Males, J. R., et al. “Magellan Adaptive Optics first-light observations of the exoplanet β Pic b. I. Direct imaging in the far-red optical with MagAO+VisAO and in the near-IR with NICI”
ApJ, 786, 32, 2014      ADS    arxiv preprint      Blog Post

Close, L. M., et al. “Discovery of Hα Emission from the Close Companion inside the Gap of Transitional Disk HD 142527”
ApJ, 781, L30, 2014    ADS      arxiv preprint      Blog Post

SPIE 2014:

Morzinski, K. M., et al. “MagAO: Status and on-sky performance of the Magellan adaptive optics system”
SPIE 9148 914804    ADS    arxiv preprint      preprint [pdf]      Blog Post

Close, L. M., et al. “Into the Blue: AO Science with MagAO in the Visible”
SPIE 9148 91481M    ADS    arxiv preprint    preprint [pdf]      Blog Post

Males, J. R., et al. “Direct imaging of exoplanets in the habitable zone with adaptive optics”
SPIE 9148 914820    ADS    arxiv preprint    preprint [pdf]      Blog Post


Refereed Publications (5):

Bailey, V., et al. “HD 106906 b: A planetary-mass companion outside a massive debris disk”.
ApJL, 780, L4, 2013    ADS   preprint [pdf]    arxiv preprint

Close, L. M., et al. “Diffraction-limited Visible Light Images of Orion Trapezium Cluster With the Magellan Adaptive Secondary AO System (MagAO)”.
ApJ, 774, 94, 2013    ADS    preprint [pdf]    arxiv preprint

Follette, K. B., et al. “The First Circumstellar Disk Imaged in Silhouette at Visible Wavelengths with Adaptive Optics : MagAO Imaging of Orion 218-534”.
ApJ, 775, L13, 2013    ADS    preprint [pdf]    arxiv preprint

Wu, Y. L., et al. “High Resolution H alpha Images of the Binary Low-mass Proplyd LV 1 with the Magellan AO System”.
ApJ, 775, 45, 2013    ADS    preprint [pdf]    arxiv preprint

Kopon, D., et al. “Design, implementation, and on-sky performance of an advanced apochromatic triplet atmospheric dispersion corrector for the Magellan adaptive optics system and VisAO camera”.
PASP, 125, 966, 2013    ADS    preprint [pdf]    arxiv preprint

IAUS 299 Proceedings:

Close et al. “Visible AO Observations at Halpha for Accreting Young Planets”

Follette et al. “Visible Light Adaptive Optics Imaging of the Orion 218-354 Silhouette Disk”

Males et al. “High Contrast Imaging of an Exoplanet with the Magellan VisAO Camera”

Morzinski et al. “Direct imaging of Beta Pictoris b with first-light Magellan Adaptive Optics”
Talk Slides pdf


Close et al. “Into the Blue: AO Science in the Visible with MagAO and ELTs”

Morzinski et al. “Overview of High-contrast O/IR imaging with Magellan AO: Simultaneous images of an exoplanet host star with VisAO and Clio”


Follette et al. “MagAO: First Light Results”



Close, L.M. et al. “First closed-loop visible AO test results for the advanced adaptive secondary AO system for the Magellan Telescope: MagAO’s performance and status”

Kopon, D. et al. “Status Update and Closed-Loop Performance of the Magellan Adaptive Optics VisAO Camera”
pdf SPIE ADS poster

Males, J.R. et al. “Laboratory Demonstration of Real Time Frame Selection with Magellan AO”
pdf SPIE ADS poster



Close, L.M. et al. “The Magellan Telescope Adaptive Secondary AO System: A Visible and Mid-IR AO Facility”

Follette, K.B. et al. “The First VisAO-Fed Integral Field Spectrograph: VisAO IFS”

Kopon, D. et al. “The Magellan Adaptive Secondary VisAO Camera: Diffraction-Limited Broadband Visible Imaging and 20mas Fiber Array IFU\”

Males, J. R. et al. “Frame selection techniques for the Magellan adaptive optics VisAO camera”



Close, L. M. et al. “The Magellan Telescope Adaptive Secondary AO System”

Kopon, D. et al. “An Advanced Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector: The Magellan Visible AO Camera”