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Viscachas (various)

Vizzy Viscacha has previously guest-written for this very blog.

Gary Guanaco

Ladies’ man.



All-sky camera power-user.


Lynx Males-Morzinski

Roomate of Dr.s Males and Morzinski. Former collaborator of Dr. Hinz.

Ginger Morzinski-Males

Roomate of Dr.s Males and Morzinski. Former collaborator of Dr. Hinz.

Katniss Everdeen the Kitty On Fire

Roommate of Lauren Schatz

Katniss didn’t mean to become the symbol of the Rebellion, but when the dictator (Lauren) put her on a diet, she knew some evils could not be tolerated. Her specialty is guerilla night attacks, and has been known to wake up her human by loudly meowing “If we burn you burn with us!” at 4 in the morning.

Alexander the Great

Roommate of Joseph Long.

Alexander the Great has retired from Instagram modeling to the relative anonymity of domestic life. He enjoys burrowing under the covers, burrowing under the couch cushions, and messing with that one thing you absolutely don’t want him chewing on.

Lana Bohlman-Jellesma

Roommate of Chris Bohlman.

Rescued from a bush, Lana Bohlman-Jellesma is a feisty calico that regards herself as the queen of the household. True to her predatory nature, she enjoys licking people, biting people, and drowning her dinosaur toys in her water bowl.

Patches Bohlman-Jellesma

Roommate of Chris Bohlman.

Patches Bohlman-Jellesma likes chasing lasers and eating chicken when no one is watching. She is a fierce hunter, but unfortunately has a 0% hunting success rate. Her hobbies include escaping outside and jumping on counters.