happy to see me!

Viscachas (various)

Vizzy Viscacha has previously guest-written for this very blog.

Gary Guanaco

Ladies’ man.

All-sky image with owl visible at the edge, clearly sitting almost on top of the camera


All-sky camera power-user.

La culebra de cola larga

A long-tailed snake that accompanies the P.I. on his jogs.

Carlos Culpeo

Mascot of 2022A, Carlos loves to hang out around dinner time and rely on the kindness of strangers. He’s not a true fox.

Barry Burro

Barry likes pets and the dining room at dinner time.


Lynx Males-Morzinski

Roomate of Dr.s Males and Morzinski. Former collaborator of Dr. Hinz.

Ginger Morzinski-Males

Roomate of Dr.s Males and Morzinski. Former collaborator of Dr. Hinz.

Alexander the Great

Roommate of Joseph Long.

Alexander the Great has retired from Instagram modeling to the relative anonymity of domestic life. He enjoys burrowing under the covers, burrowing under the couch cushions, and messing with that one thing you absolutely don’t want him chewing on.


Ball thrower: Logan Pearce

Lani is a yellow lab who loves to swim and loves to be hit with the garden hose but hates the shower and the wading pool someone bought for her. She won’t come home from the park until she is covered in mud, thank you very much. Stuffed toys don’t stand a chance. Please throw that ball for me??


Roommate of Avalon McLeod

Raphael and Cersei

Roommates of Virginia Kress


Roommate of Maggie Kautz


Roommate of Eden McEwen and Jialin Li