Mission Patches

Space missions have long had uniform patches for crew, a tradition carried over from the military background many early astronauts and cosmonauts had. Even projects with un-crewed spacecraft, like Hubble and JWST, are described by NASA as missions, and come with patches.

So, of course, MagAO-X needs patches. We launch (to Chile) on a regular basis, and take a crew to operate the instrument, after all.


For 2019B, the first light run of MagAO-X, there was no better choice than unofficial team mascot Vizzy Viscacha, seen here posing at sunset.

2020A, 2020B, and the Age of COVID-19

Of course, in 2020, the world ended. We had a design featuring a suave guanaco for 2020A which, at the last minute, was changed to 2020B in hopes that this COVID-19 thing would blow over by fall.

The patches came out great. The rest of the [gestures vaguely], not so much. In honor of the 2020 we actually had, another design was produced.

That’s a coyote from Jared’s back yard under a full ‘rona moon.


Bold of you to assume there will be a 2021A…