2016A Day 17: 7

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 7. Seven what? 7 Ohms.

Buenos dias

Caao Aranya
Magellan Hawk

Apparently, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince must hate youtube, because I can’t find an embeddable link to his wonderful song “7”, so this will have to do:


And there are also these wonderful songs about the number 7:

This one is the opposite of being at LCO for 17 days:

2016A Day 16: My World Is A Flood

But I haven’t become one with the mud yet.

A hawk taunting me with speckles I could be filtering away
The Soar

We’re really enjoying the close proximity of raptors right now. They love the low-turbulence ground layer at LCO as much as we do, and it’s fun to watch.

The Magellan Hawk
Time for work

This song has been on the blog before. Then it was in reference to 40 days spent at LCO. Today, it is about something else.