MagAO-X 2022A Day 15: Let’s do the time warp again

As a viscacha, I can’t claim to understand what “preparing a talk” or “attending a defense” or “de-bugging” mean (though I have some ideas about de-bugging).

I do know one thing, however, and that is that the chain of blog posts must remain unbroken. It seems like time has gotten away from the human members of this collaboration, so—if nobody else is going to do it—I’m going to have to write one!

It’s very hard to write without thumbs, so I’ll keep it brief.

Here’s a pic of my friend Carlos Culpeo, who has been hired by the MagAO-X team as the mascot of 2022A.

He’s kind of bashful, so please excuse him for not looking at the camera. You can see my apartment at the Magellans in the background at left.

And here’s the song of the day: The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Orbital Mechanics Trivia

As a viscacha, integral and differential calculus are beyond me. However, it does seem to be spring again here in the southern hemisphere, and my calendar indicates it has been one full year since the last October 14th we saw.

(I’d double-check my facts with some of the cientificos, but I haven’t seen them in a couple years. I hope they’re doing okay.)

This means that the Earth has completed one more turn about the Sun, and the P.I. is a year older and wiser. In celebration of his wisdom, please enjoy P.I. utterances, available where-ever fine quotes are sold.

Song of the day

“Hard to Kill” by Bleached

2015B Day 24: From Alberto

Things are going well this week and the weather is ok.
Waiting for the new star wars movie, here we go!!!

The song of the day, speaking of Jukebox Heroes and Blockbuster movies: Hero by Chad Kroeger:

And a picture of myself for Alberto:

!Hola! I like the videos.

2015A Day 42: What’s Up and Down

A vizcacha, from her perch, can see the world.

Today I saw: Laird going down. Jared going down. The sun coming up. Laird coming up. Kim and Katie going down. The ASM coming down. Jared coming up. Clio coming down. The NAS coming down. Laird going down. Jared going down. Jorge, Povilas, and Francesco coming up. The sun going down. Katie coming up. The moon coming up. Katie going down. Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn staring back at me. The twin Baade and Clay telescopes spinning silently on their mounts. The Milky Way streaming across the sky. The Magellanic Clouds shining with the light of billions of suns. Buenos noches.

Top: The Clay telescope with the MagAO ASM yesterday. Middle: The MagAO ASM today. Bottom: The Clay telescope with the f/11 secondary mirror.

Juan led the crew in removing the ASM (top) and Clio and the NAS (bottom) from the Clay telescope today.

Clio, the NAS, and the ASM parked in the Aux.

I watched the moonrise through some clouds at the horizon from my cleanroom perch.

The Clay control room was pretty quiet tonight. Good luck, guys.

Condors always make my tail curl — but I think I’m pretty safe here.

That’s what’s up.