MagAO-X 2024Aa Day 18: The Cha-Cha night

Another day of observing for the MagAO-X Team at LCO.

Even though the inmensity of the Pacific Ocean is not observed from Las Campanas, as the sun sets over the west the twin Magellan Telescopes get ready for a new night of work.

As always the local fauna provide their company to the daily(nightly) routines of the observers and staff at LCO. Here, portraiting a fox and a nice chinchilla(do not confuse it with its bigger cousin the vizcacha) chilling in the mountain

The night started with some alignment calibrations as we waited for the targeted to transit around midnight. Overall good weather and clear skies for most of the nigth, so hopefully there will be exciting images coming out from today.

A sequence of sources at the Chameleon constellation baptised the day as the Cha-Cha day

After a long night of observations, the team is ready to not start the day and go to bed at dawn 🙂

Song of the Day

Even though the night seemed promising to choose a Cha-cha-cha song as song of the day, we were one Cha short. So, as a token of appreciation of the sometimes exhausting and rough 2,400 meters of altitude where the LCO is located, the chosen song of the day is this instrumental song “Alturas”(Heights) by the chilean group Inti-Illimani, where Inti is the incain Sun god and Illimani from where the Sun rises.