2015A Day 10: (No) rest for the wicked

Gilles reporting in for the daily MagAO blog. Word of the day is “sleepy”.

After being blasted by winds in the previous nights, this night was surprisingly calm (*COUGH*andcloudy*COUGH*).
This gave the team the opportunity to relax a bit and work on some maintenance and documentation that needed to be done.

Jared, Katie & Laird are slowly recovering from literally working around the clock to get the system on-sky.
To illustrate how the team looked in the last days I managed to snap a picture of the zeroth member of the MagAO team at the cleanroom building.

The zeroth member of the MagAO team Vizzy.

This is the final night for Leiden so I just want to say that Matt and I feel very priviliged to be part of the team for the last few days. It was a lot of fun working with you and we’ve seen very exciting images taken with the new vAPP coronagraphs!
Hats off to you for your efforts in the previous weeks to pull this off. Hope you get clear skies during the rest of the run ! Also kudos to LCO for such a pleasant stay during my first time in the Southern hemisphere. I’ll be back!

The title of today’s song is of course very dear to our hearts but the lyrics are probably written by somebody as equally sleep-deprived as us.

The original to lull us to sleep:

and a cover to wake us up again: