2015A Day 15: Huevos con aceite

MagAO run all by myself, smooth and enjoyable week, despite the clouds the high winds and one (that could have been not so small) problem.

After 7 nights I’m ready to go home…  I gave some serious thought about a song that would express exactly how that feels, after a short search I found the perfect one, one that of course complies with all new blogging regulations…

its corresponding cover…


But then I realized that the AOistas have a whole bunch of days left, I did not want to cause a massive home sickness wave so I changed it, hence the title of my entry…

The full version…


and the cover in Spanish by a Chilean band, no rule against that !


See you in one week !


2014B Day 39: Last Night… Farewell AOistas

“Ultima noche nadie se enoja”… Old Chilean saying, “on the last day (night) nobody gets mad”, so finally the last night for this run is here Katie and Jared can’t wait for it to be over, just a few minutes ago they both say “last target of the night !”… I know the feeling, so my hat’s off to you guys, the run must have has broken some kind of record, so this is what you deserve once you get down:


While listening to:

Cheers, nos vemos en Junio !