2014A Day 11: Two Arcsecond Guanaco

We had another somewhat so-so night. Some high winds made it interesting, but there were few to no clouds and seeing was at least mediocre. But right at 4 am, when we switched targets, seeing blew up to more than 1.5 arcseconds. Sorry DZ — we aren’t doing this on purpose.

The differential image motion monitor (DIMM) telescope opening for the night. This measures the seeing (how strong the turbulence is). There was a lot of differential image motion tonight.
A herd of guanacos was hanging out just over the edge today.
This one was off to the side. Someone told me the lone one is always the male.
The Magellan telescopes coming over the hill.
A typical dinner. Which really means breakfast when we’re observing.
It was Empanada Sunday (our second if you’re keeping track). Since we were asleep at lunch, they chefs sent us empanadas for our midnight snack.

There have been several calls for the return of the quotes of the day. Here’s a sample from the last few days:

Jordan: “The problem with this AO system is that it stays closed for so long that it’s hard to find a bathroom break.”

Alfio: “I went there once to take their cheese.” (explaining that he has been to the Baade telescope).

Laird: “You fooled me by taking the data incompetently.” (to T. J.)

Finally, my song for the night is absolutely full of astronomical references. Free MagAO sticker to the first person who emails me a list (no googling, on your honor). In any case, you should listen to this with the volume at 11. Trust me, it’s better that way.