2014A Day 8: Clusters and Quakes

We spent almost the whole night with the loop closed, with a few exceptions. For instance, we had to open the loop during an earthquake! Not a big one, but the floor rumbled and the loop went a little crazy because of the vibrations.

One of the fun things about observing with AO is that we frequently discover that stars listed as singles are doubles, triples, or even quadruples. This happens when we pick a star just to do engineering tests, and we find more stars than we expected. Here’s an example from tonight.

A quadruple, probably hierarchical, star system that we weren’t expecting. This is a VisAO z’ image.

The same horse is still hanging around. He still won’t let me pet him.

Our horse friend posing dramatically

We couldn’t do much in the way of photometric standards, but the sky was pretty.

Tonight’s sunset.

In addition to the quad, we imaged a couple of star fields and clusters. We counted lots of stars on both of our cameras.