2014B Day 15: The Aoista Operation

Our T.O. for the last week, Jorge, has dubbed us “the aoista operation”. Tonight was pretty calm – no major technical problems, a few scientific discoveries, and a pretty relaxed night. The clouds rolled in a couple of hours before dawn, so we closed out with some minor engineering tasks.

Tonight was TJ’s last night. So long. Kate is (possibly) arriving today, and tonight is the first night for our Chilean observers. We’ll have some new faces on the blog this week.

Here’s what the control room looks like from the middle of a calm night
Katie worked on Clio’s FITS headers. If you look closely she’s editing the c code that runs Clio.
A lone burro was seen after dinner
No burrows at the top today. But they were there earlier.

This is not the greatest blog post in the world.

Nay. We are but men.