2015B Day 22: Holes worn through

Day 22, Kim is helping a lot, Kate R. arrived today, Kate F. arrives tomorrow, astigmatism is fixed, MagAO is well.

Thanks Gabriel, Hugo, Emilio, Pato, Felipe, Victor, Povilas, Alberto, Hernan, Mauricio for fixing the focus offset to fix the astigmatism
We aren’t giving up the ship

Things with holes worn through:

Things with holes worn through: Shoe, Sock, Sweater, Suitcase

Dawn run yesterday:

I went for a run yesterday at dawn and it was beautiful

Sunrise today:

Marine layer in the valley at sunrise at the end of the night

The trek to breakfast

Yesterday’s song of the day was by Dawid Podsiadlo from Poland. Today’s song of the day is by another overseas David, Davido Adedeji Adeleke from Nigeria:

Ok this spider is really big but we are too scared to get closer and I am holding the camera down below Jared’s head but trust me it was huge