2015B Day 29: Home Stretch

We might make it. Alycia has one night left, and our next and last observer arrived today (get ready for something different — more to come).

The winds were finally a bit calmer tonight, and seeing was bouncing off 0.5″ for a while — but we still ended up with some clouds after midnight. Nothing too bad, but still a little frustrating.

The blue camera shows clouds on the horizong
The red camera shows them overhead too
Here’s Alycia taking her own VisAO data.
A wide shot of MagAO in the dome.
Tonight’s sunset, photo by Alycia

Two days ago we had a song about a miracle. Here’s another one of sorts — though Johnny would disagree.

I saw the CDB live at the South Dakota State Fair. This was the encore, during Johnny’s solo the old man thrashed on a golden fiddle for 20 minutes.