2017A Day 9: 10um

Alycia arrived yesterday and today was her first night. She brought a 10-micron camera to do some thermal imaging, including these pictures of me:

Me at 10 microns. The camera overlays the optical and infrared images (kind of like VisAO+Clio), as seen at left. So if you want an infrared image alone, you have to go out into the dark, as seen at right.

Tonight went smoothly other than a brief power outage which meant Mauricio had to go turn the compressor back on. He also brought us some cake from Chef Andres!
From last night which was not so smooth, here is a picture of Jared and Laird going up on the scissor lift to replace the failed DSP board in the ASM:

Replacing a DSP board in the ASM on the scissor lift

Seeing last night just after recovering from the failed DSP:

0.34” seeing!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was Ya-Lin’s last night. We’ve enjoyed having his help, his great vizzy photos, and his … interesting … song choice. Kind of like this one: