2017B Day 1: Too Cold from The Old Pueblo

It’s not thaaaaat cold, just above 0C [32F]. But you have to remember we left months straight of 38C+ [> 100 F] in Tucson. Our blood is thin, you know?

MagAO is ready to bolt on the telescope tomorrow. We spent today unpacking the ASM, moving it up to the summit, cooling Clio, and doing startup checks and cleaning on the NAS. With no new things to install and test, and nothing broken* after the last run, it was an easy day.

There was a big snow storm a few weeks ago. Here are the remnants by the Clay.

Katie spent the day making it snow inside Clio, but this was already there.

I think Vizzy doesn’t remember me.

Vizzy scrambles across the clean room awning.

The real problem is the wind. James Herriot called it a lazy wind — it can’t be bothered to go around you, it just goes through.

*That we remember.