Comm2 Day 16: Bad Horrible No Good Seeing

Alycia says I’m spoiled. Fine. But when you’re used to half arcsecond seeing, one arcsecond seeing is a “disaster” (Alfio’s word, not mine).

Seeing blew up right before it was time to do my favorite star.

We did do some good science tonight. The AO system is running fantastically well now that we replaced the troublesome switch BCU, and our two cameras are catching all sorts of diffraction limited circumstellar photons.

On my way up tonight I had to negotiate a Burro herd.

Just standing around, slowing traffic.
The babies were making all sorts of noise. They sound just like you’d expect: hee-haw.
Mom. She made sure I didn’t get too close.

Vizzy was in his usual spot:


We had a surprise visitor in the control room tonight:

This little dude was hiding under Katie’s bag. Fun.

Tonights quote:

“When it’s good, it’s very good. The problem is when.” — Alfio, talking about a nameless telescope, somewhere else.