Comm2 Day 19: A spike of seeing

On our last night (last night) we had a spike of seeing up to 2” that gave our AO system a run for our money:

These spikes of seeing made us have to keep re-optimizing our AO parameters
Yuri Beletsky, Magellan Instrument Support Scientist, sent us this photo with the following note: “Tonight, while you were closing AO loops, I went outside and managed to capture some interesting view – while the night has been definitely not photometric, there is also quite strong airglow! You can easily see it as the green emission (due to atomic oxygen) on the image. On the center-right you can also see the bluish fuzzy ball of the Gegenschein.”
Stitching together a picture of the mountain and valley

Well, today we are taking everything off the telescope, it’s been a good run!

“But anyone could go in there and delete it!” – Laird, about doing the AO user’s manual on google docs
“Well, OK, but I could throw your computer off the catwalk.” – Jared
“We should do the manual in IRAF” – Laird
“Ah but then it would be a seeing-limited manual” – Alfio