Killin’ it in Florence

The LBTAO and MagAO projects got their time yesterday at AO4ELT3. The day started with Armando giving an overview of ASM development and status, and their future potential for ELTs.

Armando compared the current state of ASM technology. That’s MagAO on the right!

Then Laird presented the results of our recent commissioning runs. It went over well, and lots of people seem genuinely impressed.

Laird wowed ’em with VisAO results.

Later, Phil gave an update on the LBTI (blog here).

Phil showed off the LBTAO systems and his baby, the LBTI.

Simone also gave a nice talk on plans for a pyramid wavefront sensor on the GMT.

Simone holding forth on Pyramid sensors for the GMT.

After the business was done for the day, we headed to the Palazzo Corsini for the conference dinner.

Olivier and Laird discuss. That’s Christian Marois in the foreground.
Sunset on the Arno
Dinner was *amazing*.
The whole affair was overseen by the Corsini family Pope, Clementine XII.

Claire Max declared it the best conference dinner in history, and she left before they got out the Grappa. Congrats to Simone and the whole conference team.