MagAO 2018A Blog Rules

Hello MagAO fans! We’re back with the 2018A run. My trip started out with a swim workout in honor of the flag of Chile:

Master’s swimming gave me a great send-off workout this morning.
[Image description: Collage: An 8-lane, 25-yard “short course” competition swimming pool with a swimmer and coach getting ready to start the workout. Below it, a swim coach standing by her workout, which is written on a white board, and the white board is standing up against a deck chair.]

Chilean Flag Workout. I got off to a good start with the blue sky with white star for unity, and swam hard in the white snow of Andes, but I only made it partway through the red bloodshed for freedom before the hour was up and it was time to get going to the airport. It was a great swim and I learned about Chile’s flag!
[Image description: A close-up of the white board with the workout on it. The workout has 3 phases, first a pre-set with fins, then the first part of the main set is a ladder on fairly fast intervals, then the body of the main set is a sequence of 50s and 100s on varying intervals. The 3 phases of the workout are drawn as the 3 main colors in the flag of Chile. And the meaning of the Chilean flag colors are written in between the sets.]

Chilean flag research and workout development and presentation by Coach Janna at Ventana Master’s Swimming 🙂

A lovely day for a swim and then a 27-hour journey from Tucson to LCO.
[Image description: Another view of the competition pool, with the starting blocks in the foreground and the Catalina mountains in the background. A swimmer is swimming, the coach is engaging with the camera, and another swimmer is resting.]

Now the MagAO team is in various stages of travel. Time for the blog rules for 2018A.

  1. There must be a post every day
  2. Each daily post must include a song of the day
  3. As well as the original song of the day, a cover version must be posted

[Song/Image description: The Chilean national anthem, with lyrics in Spanish and English written on the screen, and the Chilean flag in the background]

[Song/Image description: A pianist covers the Chilean national anthem]