MagAO 2018A Day 13: Moonglow

Ahhhhh. It’s nice to finally not have clouds to fight with. We also have been getting some of that patented LCO 0.5″ seeing.

This is what we’ve been dealing with:

A couple nights ago you could barely see the moon.
Patchy deciding what sort of Viscacha stuff he’s doing tonight.

We finally got to see the Southern Sky in all its glory:

A dark sky at last

Hedwig visits every couple of nights:

Hedwig had to hold on during some wind gusts.
Moonrise over Magellan.

Tonight was Clio’s last night of the run.

Clio Girl watching the sun set.

You might hear this song played by the Los Alamos Big Band on special occasions:

Bing Crosby died on my birthday. My Mom blames me.