MagAO 2018A Day 16: Day 365

Today was the 365th day I’ve spent at Las Campanas Observatory. You only have to go back to May 18th, 2012 to find the first. So 16.7% of my life has been on this mountain over the last 6 years.

It was an interesting 1-year day too. Of course, it was Empanada Sunday. According to my records, my average length of stay has ben 21 days, so ~3 Empanada Sunday’s per visit X 17 visits = 51 total Empanada Sundays in my life so far. Here’s what just one looks like:

It takes a lot of empanadas to feed the GTM Proto3 phasing team, and the MagAO crew.

My longest stay here has been 44 days. That was what I call the “Death Run”. Late May and early June, telescope open for 13+ hr a night, horrific winds, 5 weeks straight of observing. When Katie reminisces (not fondly) about it, she says “you could sleep, eat, or shower. Pick 1.” Well, to commemorate that on mine and LCO’s 1 year anniversary, here’s a picture from the wind gauge tonight:

Not the highest tonight. I saw 46 a few times.

We managed to open a couple of times. But when we did it was pretty crappy

This is a crappy weather page. The trifecta: high winds, high seeing, high humidity.
I’m pretty sure this is fake news (probably a spurious measurement while Baade closed), but it captures how bad tonight has been.