MagAO at 2016 SPIE Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation

MagAO is at the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation conference in Edinburgh, Scotland this week. Instrumentation-astronomers from around the world are gathered here to talk science and engineering. The talks feature everything from detector technology, high-speed computing, and telescope operations to gravitational waves and extrasolar planets.


My talk about MagAO was the first one of the conference:

My talk about the MagAO status update

Jared had two posters:

Jared’s Orbital-Differential Imaging (ODI) poster

This one is about MagAO-2k and MagAO-X:

Jared’s MagAO-2k and MagAO-X poster

And Enrico had one:

Enrico’s SOUL poster

Laird gave an invited talk about visible-light AO:

Laird’s invited talk about visible-light AO

And Armando about the new AO system for the VLT:

Armando talking about ERIS AO

We took the opportunity of all being in the same place to plan our MagAO upgrade to 2 kilohertz, called MagAO-2k.

The MagAO team meets to plan our next engineering run for the MagAO-2k upgrade

Some more pictures from around the conference:

Claire Max and her current and former students

Proof that Jared and Olivier are in the same room together

UA grad student Asher Baltzell gave a talk in the Cyberinfrastructure section about his work creating a cloud-computing software package to detect exoplanets in MagAO data. This work was featured in this video by Cyverse:

Finally, check out the SPIE post about the conference here. Look for me, Asher, and MagAO in there!