MagAO Commissioning Day 26: Taking Clio and the ASM off the telescope

When you bring an expensive, delicate instrument to an observatory, you want there to be people like Juan Gallardo who put their full attention and serious effort into the procedures and operations for mounting and dismounting your instrument. Yesterday evening, we all met in the library/conference room, and Juan briefed us on the procedure to be taken today and tomorrow in removing Clio, the ASM, and the Nas from the telescope. Juan has been taking pictures and detailing every step, the whole time we’ve been here, and he put together a detailed and thorough document. Today the procedures were followed to safely and successfully remove the ASM and Clio from the telescope; tomorrow we will remove the Nas and store the ASM. Here is a picture of Juan:

Juan Gallardo managing installation and removal operations

So today we were back to a day schedule. Laird supervised Nas uncabling and ASM removal. T.J. supervised Clio uncabling and removal. And Juan managed the LCO crew, for a safe and successful instrument removal.

T.J. uncables Clio at the end of the night
Laird uncables the NAS in the morning
Laird and Pato disconnect the ASM
Felix and Nelson lower the ASM
Felix redies the ASM on its cart
This is what a non-adaptive secondary mirror (NSM ?) looks like. Felix and Nelson raise the f/11 secondary to the top of the telescope, now that our ASM has been removed -- to prepare for the next observing run.
T.J. and Kate pack up Clio electronics
Nelson, Felix, and Victor remove Clio on its cart
Our day was coming to a close as the sun set. Which was weird because sunset marked the beginning of our work for the past couple weeks!