Sagan 2014: Imaging Planets and Disks

This past week the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExSCI) hosted the 2014 Sagan Summer Workshop, which was on Imaging Planets and Disks. Several members of the MagAO team and extended family attended, and presented some of our latest and greatest results. The workshop was held on the campus of Caltech, in Pasadena.

We all learned a lot, and had some fun. Thanks to the whole NExSCI crew for putting on such a great workshop.

Kate wowed the crowd with her H-alpha images
Here’s Ya-lin, presenting his VisAO results on CT Cha b.
Arizona grad student Nick Ballering giving his poster “pop”
Arizona grad student Steph Sallum showed some MagAO+Clio2 non-redundant masking results. Her slides were very patriotic.

The real star of the show was Space Shuttle Endeavour, which has retired to the California Science Center. We took Wednesday afternoon off to go see her, and it was amazing.

Space Shuttle Endeavour. A good ship.

At one point while preparing for my thesis defense, I was faced with a conundrum: work on my dissertation or do something else. So what I did was research my academic lineage. It goes something like:

Jared Males –> Laird Close –> Don McCarthy –> Frank Lowe –> (a bunch of nerds at MIT) –> Robert Millikan –> Albert Michelson.

No disrespect to everybody else, but those last two dudes are pretty big deals. Well, since I was at Caltech, I went and paid Dr. Millikan a visit.

Me and my academic great^N grandfather. He has a nobel prize, by the way. So does his advisor.

I also visited the other famous residents of the campus.

The famous turtles of Caltech