Unpacking Day 11: The Clouds Break

The storm is finally gone, and the beautiful clear sky is back. The TSS is fixed too, and after we installed our gimbal mirror motors the W-unit is complete.

It's nice to see the sun again, and to not feel like you're going to blow away.
The white light calibration source, in focus in the SDSS i' filter. Note the 3.2 pixel FWHM.

This (kind of lame) video shows our little W-Unit robot responding to a Board Setup command. This tells it to go to a set of pre-determined positions which makes it ready to operate.

The Burros came back after the storm. We hadn't seen them for a few days. A Guanaco walked by at lunch, so they're around somewhere.
Saturday was GTL night.

At this point most of our urgent critical path stuff is done, and we are starting to relax a little. We have a few more days of ASM testing to do, and some mundane odds and ends in the W-unit to take care of, like cable management. We also plan to do some testing of our software interfaces with the telescope control system.