Unpacking Day 16: The Vizcacha At Last

We said goodbye to Armando and Marco this morning. Thanks for the hard work guys. See you in November.

After they left, Laird and Jared spent the rest of the day covering optics, organizing the cleanroom, backing up disk drives, and generally getting everything presentable. Not quite the way we found it, but presentable. We’re heading down to La Serena on the 1130 transport tomorrow.

I know you’re just here for the animals, so here you go:

On my way to bed last night I suddenly found myself in the middle of the horse herd. This was the best photo I could get by moonlight.
The herd was just outside the ASB this morning. As we were walking down for lunch this one took off after his buddies.
Once he caught up there was some rough housing.

The big accomplishment of the day was finally catching our own glimpse of the famous vizcacha who lives over our clean room.

The cleanroom vizcacha soaking up some sun.
He or she kept a close eye on us. Quite a glare actually. Click for full resolution.

Today’s quotes:

“I could really go for a beer.” (Laird Close)

“Yeah.” (Jared Males)

Next time, this is where we work.