Unpacking Day 6: Right Side Up

The big accomplishment today was flipping the shell so that the magnets are now facing up. This video, filmed by Juan Gallardo, shows the last step in the flipping procedure:

After flipping, the back of the mirror was inspected. Everything looks great.

The shell after flipping.

We also attached the ASM unit to the mount ring, which is how the secondary will be attached to the telescope.

The ASM on the mount ring for the first time.
The ASM unit on the handling cart, being tilted to 90 degrees for testing.

Our heat transfer and fluid mechanics experiments continue:

We added ice to Povilas's fountain today. We have our own chiller for when we're actually on the telescope, so this is just a temporary workaround for the testing we are doing as part of unpacking.

In addition to the main attraction of mirror handling and testing, w-unit and NAS integration work continues. We have tested our X-Y-Z translation stages, installed a new neutral density filter in the VisAO camera, and installed a new gimbal in VisAO. We should actually mount the w-unit in the NAS in the next day or so.

Some interesting quotes from dinner tonight:

“Good news Jared, everybody else is tired, so we can get some work done tonight.” (Laird Close)

“Sometimes you have to hang the stick in front of the jackass.” (Tyson Hare)

The view from outside the Clay telescope, looking west. That's the 100 inch at left. Click for full resolution.
There was quite a sunset on our way down for dinner tonight. Click for full resolution.