MagAO-eXtreme Posts

  • Baby’s first Halloween – or – have we lost our minds?


    Logan Pearce

    Baby's first Halloween - or - have we lost our minds?
    What’s up my witches. It’s Rona-ween and Lauren and I introduced baby Star to costumes and dressing for success. Hold on to your hats and prepare to loose your freakin’ mind as the cutest pics you’ve ever seen are about to hit your eyes. Star, what do your hedge eyes see? Thinking of spells to ...
  • ‘Rona got you down? Try rocks!


    Logan Pearce

    'Rona got you down? Try rocks!
    This sure has been a year of hoo-DON’Ts, but for two XWCL members this weekend was full of hoo-DOs! Lauren and I, plus our friend Zuzana, spent the weekend camping and hiking in the Chiricahua Mountains, about 2 hours east of Tucson near the NM border. Chiricahua is characterized by acres of tall ...
  • The World in a Chip


    Jhen Lumbres

    The World in a Chip
    If there’s one thing that I do without fail while coding, studying, or writing, it’s definitely snacking. As a proud snacker, one of the things I like to explore are international flavor versions of chips from big American brand companies. Today, I am going to take you, dear readers, through some stories about my adventures ...
  • Things My Cat Hates


    Joseph Long

    Things My Cat Hates
    Every cat is unique. Much like human individuals. And, much like human individuals, you don’t necessarily want to hear about the quirky behaviors of ones that you’re not taking care of. If that’s how you feel, you might want to skip this post. (Of course, if that’s really how you feel, you’ve probably already unsubscribed ...
  • Extreme Wavefront Cleanliness Lab


    Joseph Long

    Extreme Wavefront Cleanliness Lab
    It’s back-to-school season, but it doesn’t look much like last year. It’s even hotter, for one thing. (Also, to be quite honest, I still feel like it’s March.) The State of Arizona has decided to contain the COVID-19 pandemic by topping national headlines for “worst COVID-19 outbreak” until we all stay indoors (from shame, one ...
  • A Purrrfect Birthday


    Lauren Schatz

    A Purrrfect Birthday
    I know what you all are thinking. We have hit triple digits in the number of days since this all began and Lauren still hasn’t made a blog post just about her cat. Don’t worry it is time to right this wrong, and what better time do to so than for Katniss’s 5th birthday! I’ve heard ...
  • Spooky MagAO-X action at a distance


    Joseph Long

    Spooky MagAO-X action at a distance
    The University of Arizona is resuming some in-person research lab activity, subject to restrictions to ensure safety and social distancing. We are to log our comings and goings, continue sanitizing surfaces, limit the number of occupants in the lab, and generally stay home as much as possible. Years ago, our P.I. articulated his vision for MagAO-X ...
  • On Central Texas and Breakfast Tacos


    Logan Pearce

    On Central Texas and Breakfast Tacos
    Central Texas, the region that encompasses Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding towns, did not invent the breakfast taco (well, at least Austin didn’t, more on that later). Breakfast tacos have been popular in the region since the 70s (source), but with the massive influx of hipsters and their penchant for brunch, niche trends, ...
  • Quarantine Crafting


    Lauren Schatz

    Quarantine Crafting
    Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Rona A little over a year ago now I was moving back from France to Tucson. I decided to move into a two bedroom apartment, with the expectation of turning one room into a home office/craft space. Throughout undergrad and graduate school I kept some crafting ...
  • I’m not any good at whole bean coffee.


    Logan Pearce

    I'm not any good at whole bean coffee.
    The year is 2001, I am a fresh faced young junior at Purdue University. I did the traditional college path, straight out of high school. I distinctly remember having the thought that I didn’t want to acquire the taste for either beer or coffee, because both seemed problematic. Then I joined the ...