MagAO-X 2019B Unpacking Day 4: Survival

MagAO-X is alive! After being boxed up, shipped from Tucson to Phoenix to LA (we think — a little fuzzy) to Miami, with a long pause, then to Santiago, braving the dangers of revolution (and customs (and customs strikes!)), and a trip by truck (always touchy, this time with road blocks!), and finally being craned out of its box and carefully reconstituted, we can still close the loop.

Needless to say we are happy, a little bit relieved, and excited to get our new instrument on the Magellan Clay Telescope.

Of course, it doesn’t always go exactly as planned. As the Captain said, “It never goes smooth. How come it never goes smooth?”

A clear example of this phenomenon is when we had to roll our electronics rack out of the clean room so Nelson and Emilio could cut off a stripped 3/8-16 bolt. The Aluminium L-bracket you see there is part of the earthquake restraint system, which, as Amali pointed out last night, is always a thing here.
A pano of the cleanroom when we were just getting started this morning. That’s Kyle checking on the DM humidity before turning it on.

So here’s the big moment when we finally knew that we didn’t f it all up:

And here you can see our vAPP coronagraphs looking good in a deep exposure:

vAPPs looking eXtreme. Laird wants you to know that there are no optical ghosts in the dark hole. Maybe the eye doctor has a little work to do though.
Moonrise over the Andes on my hike up.
Laird and Alex watching tonight’s sunset. Photo by Kyle, I’d already given up — obvious non-green-flash night. That’s our electronics shipping crate, btw.

Tonight’s song is “Wanted Dead or Alive”, by Bon Jovi: