MagAO-X 2024Aa Day 0: Why are you not making my salad?

It’s been a whole year but the team is back! The unpacking and alignment crew arrived at the beautiful Las Campanas Observatory this afternoon.

Josh is there we promise!

Fun fact: if you have items to declare upon arrival to Chile, your line takes you to a fun sign that only you and your advisor get to see.

Happy travelers

Once we arrived at LCO, we got straight to work! Well we did as much as we could until dinner…

We set up our first instrument computer, “AOC”, then got out of the way so the LCO crew could mop the clean room in prep for our long day of unpacking tomorrow.

We are big fans of the new decals highlighting the copious wildlife at LCO!

We are also big fans of the newly established salad bar during dinner! However, this new station did confuse our postdoc, prompting him to wonder about his salad’s whereabouts (see title).

Finally, a good omen for the run ahead of us: a satisfying viscacha siting this afternoon.


Blog Rules: The only rule I’ll implement as the first blogger of this run is that you must incorporate a native plant or animal in your blog. Today’s “song of the day” is the wind quietly blowing over the Atacama Desert.