MagAO-X 2024Aa Day 5: Count Down

We are less than 24 hours from observing and it was crunch time today! We needed fuel so thankfully Sundays at LCO are empanada days!

Chef’s kiss

Laird and Jared were making bets on how long till we get a “grumpy cat”, ie an error message in our computer’s hardware tracking system, once we are on-sky. Laird bet Jared all of his empanadas for the rest of the run. In the words of our PI, “nothing is worth that.”

Another good omen for the observing to come was our observation of a jumping guanaco.

This was all Maggie got:

Come back!

Actually, a few moments later we captured this adorable moment (can you tell we miss our pets?!)

Look at him scratch his little head!

Now, we actually did work today too. Final calibrations were taken, iEFC alignment techniques were practiced a final time, we ensured our brand new Lyot LOWFS (LLOWFS – pronounced “yo-fus”) camera is functioning, and focused the acquisition camera.

After a meeting with the LCO staff going over our commissioning procedure for tomorrow, the team de-cabled and wrapped up the instrument.

MagAO-X youths crushing it on their first clean room pack up

Observing nights here we come!

Song of the Day: