MagAO-X 2024Ab Day 2: Settling Into Winter

It’s cold. But, at least it isn’t windy anymore. A good omen has revealed itself this night and it’s that the domes are actually open at sunset.

Good night, sunshine. Orion says hello!

In terms of flashy #blontent, today was pretty sparse. But this is perhaps ideal for lab calibration days! For instance, yesterday was ripe with #blontent in comparison which meant we were tearing apart cabinets, peeling out of parking lots, searching the trunks of random cars all over the observatory to try and find our ESD kit for the DM cabling. It actually ended up being in one of our shipping crates in the clean room receiving area all along. So, it’s good that Jared has been able to focus on getting good calibrations and figuring out new ways to align our most critical components for the run, which is approaching at the speed of light seemingly.

Jared hard at work working on better alignment procedures and quality of life improvements for all the future AO operators.

I got a chance to briefly work on giving old ICC new life using some new computer parts Jared ordered. However we ran into a compatibility issue with the CPU cooler and it won’t fasten to the mobo without special adapters. Apparently this company quietly deemed these to be special order items sometime in last September instead of including them in the box like they have been doing. What the hay…!

Thankfully Eden was able to make an emergency stop at the lab back in Tucson to grab said adapters. Thanks Eden!

This past afternoon we were delighted to officially welcome UASAL’s Kian M. to the 2024Ab run.

Sorry, I forgot to get photographic evidence of Kian’s arrival.

The best 15 minutes of today was welcoming Kian to LCO and giving him a brief tour of MagAO-X in lab state, the ASB, and the lodge. Also stating the do’s and don’ts for the experience here. Like, DO max out your empanada order on Sundays. And DON’T desecrate the public cheese. Tomorrow we will probably get a chance to hike up to the telescopes and go swashbuckling or something. Anyone else remember their first time on the mountain?

We’re eager to meet most of the rest of the team tomorrow afternoon, safe travels!!!!

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