MAPS Jun. 2024A Night 4: Closed due to high winds

We never opened the dome tonight, due to high winds. And in Yokohama it rained hard all day.

Manny went down and Dan came up.

Dan and Amali measured voltages on various pins of the SAPHIRA under Suresh’s guidance. Based on their measurement, the detector temperature matches what is observed by the cold head. So it is not a temperature issue and likely an electronics issue. The next step was to measure two separate voltages to ensure they are correct. They were all around 5V which is where they were supposed to be. Suresh is now crunching the data to see if it gives any other clues to the IR WFS behavior.

The word of the night is たいふう (Typhoon) because apparently all this rain in Yokohama today was actually a small typhoon.