MAPS/MIRAC Mar. 2024A Night 4: We fixed it!

Despite the partly cloudy night, we fixed several issues and made a lot of progress!

MIRAC pupil alignment — an errant detent was corrected and the ellipsoidal mirror internal to MIRAC solved the mystery of co-aligning telescope, AO, + MIRAC pupils!

AO camera lens loop — finally got it calibrated, and working beautifully on-sky!

Pupils tracking and 20 modes loop!

AO calibrations — got a successful 20 modes loop, and discovered that a better SNR is needed for higher-order loops. SNR can be increased by raising the amplitude/stroke (but need to test where the linear range ends), and/or by increasing the number of iterations (we went from 500 to 2000). We also received wisdom on inverting the calibrations and making our own masks.

Pinwheel mode being calibrated!

However, the partially-cloudy conditions made it impossible to actually take a long-enough running calibration to raise the SNR enough to go to 100 modes. So that awaits another night.

The song of the night is the sound of silence.