2015A Day 34: Still Alive

34 days and counting. My own record is 23 nights, all alone by myself at SMARTS 0.9. So I can relate to the AO Team: you do start seeing life down the hill as a dream.

And I can say that this run has been a somewhat dark for the team: it can be either wind, clouds, hardware or whatever, but you start to miss uneventful nights. Te ones where you fall sleep of boredom.

But let’s stop bringing you down! You’re way past the half mark, just a couple of weeks and down you go! To (undisclosed high octane beverage), (undisclosed delicious snack) and (undisclosed undisclosed undisclosed).

Now to the tunes:

And (Ohhh my!) I’m going to bend the rules (just bending, both songs actually are part of the same end credits: Portal and Portal 2):

2015A Day 8: Flabbergasted…

On this, my (hopefully, fingers crossed) last full night as TO I have the honor to do the daily log entry. Plenty of rules to adhere to, thought (can I suggest next time we only use live performances, performed on site? We could do a gregorian chant on the domes, that would be pretty cool).

Can’t really tell what happened during the day, although it seems that finally the full AO team is on the unnatural night shift (based on the vibes here at the control room at 4 AM). Good for you guys! Only 4 and some weeks to go!

The night started pretty good, on sky very early on, on our first official science night. Of course, after 2 (3) great Engineering nights Murphy had to apply, and a network failure had us on our heads. And double bad luck: once fixed, wind speed was too high to safely open. Sorry, that’s the one thing I can’t fix. That and the damned plates.

Better play safe. Hold on to your hats!
Better play safe. Hold on to your hats!

Thank a LOT for the opportunity of watching through the eyepiece. I was flabbergasted, really. See you next week. Oh, and a bit late, but: May the 4th be with you!

2014B Day 37: “Engineering Issues”

So it’s my time to write?

Last night for me on the mountain, and to date the finest AO shift. The team is smoothing the instrument quite a lot, and on my call I’d say the biggest issue was helping Laird when he had “engineering issues” with the washing machine (the shame!).
You guys still have a couple of nights, but I’d say every year you manage to resist these long runs a bit better (I still remember one of your first runs, crazy eyed, talking about La Serena like it was Havana or something). I guess the awesome AO data you get to grab helps.
Well, in any case we’ll miss you. It’s always nice when you observe with the same people for a while, and the observing process gets easier and runs smooth. Next time we’ll have the DIMM working, promise. Oh, in return of a “Loop is open..” ringtone!
Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 2.21.41 AM
I leave you with a xkcd that reminded me of AO somehow, and a full album. Have you heard of the annoying TO with the weird music taste? That’s me!

PS: Sweet Dreams (see what I did there?)