2015A Day 34: Still Alive

34 days and counting. My own record is 23 nights, all alone by myself at SMARTS 0.9. So I can relate to the AO Team: you do start seeing life down the hill as a dream.

And I can say that this run has been a somewhat dark for the team: it can be either wind, clouds, hardware or whatever, but you start to miss uneventful nights. Te ones where you fall sleep of boredom.

But let’s stop bringing you down! You’re way past the half mark, just a couple of weeks and down you go! To (undisclosed high octane beverage), (undisclosed delicious snack) and (undisclosed undisclosed undisclosed).

Now to the tunes:

And (Ohhh my!) I’m going to bend the rules (just bending, both songs actually are part of the same end credits: Portal and Portal 2):