MagAO-Classic posts

  • White light PSF


    Jared Males

    White light PSF
    After completing our work with the laser, we switched to a white light source to test the camera’s performance in broad band filters. This is our PSF in the Sloan Digitial Sky Survey (SDSS) i’ filter (a nice set of filter curves is here), which passes light from roughly 0.684 to 0.840 microns. ...
  • It’s Alive!


    Jared Males

    It's Alive!
    After a very intense couple of weeks, we have built up the nearly complete VisAO camera in the Magellan AO Lab at Steward Observatory. The images below show the hardware mounted on the board. Missing is the wavefront sensor (WFS) hardware, which is waiting for us in Florence, Italy. The numbers label specific components: 1: ...
  • Finding Our Focus


    Jared Males

    Finding Our Focus
    On Friday we performed a focus test of the VisAO camera for the first time. We are so far very happy with the results, as it looks like the focus position of our CCD stage is right about where it should be. This experiment was the first time we had the optics, ...
  • Fit Check


    Kate Follette

    The Magellan fit check run at Las Campanas in December was a success! See the summary document for details.
  • The filter wheels in action


    Jared Males

    Here is a demo of our filter wheel assembly (designed by Kevin Brutlag and assembled by Jason Lewis) spinning under the control of the AO Supervisor software.
  • The shutter in action


    Jared Males

    The shutter in action
    Here’s a short video of our “smart” shutter in action. In this test it is responding to a simulated Strehl ratio time series, showing that it is fast and accurate enough to perform real-time frame selection – essentially lucky imaging without the luck. This plot shows that the shutter was open when Strehl was high ...