2014A Day 13: What We Came For

One of MagAO’s specialties is high contrast imaging in the visible using simultaneous differential imaging (SDI). For this run we bought a new H-alpha SDI filter set, and tonight we really put them to use. This image compares our on and off H-alpha PSFs. These are formed from 1 hour of 45 second exposures. No strehl selection or any other shady tricks.

Since Kate is here, we are of course doing lots of H-alpha differential imaging.
We had a great night tonight, with fantastic seeing the whole night.
Kate Follette is back. Here she is taking data with VisAO. She’s hiding the name of the object cuz it’s a secret.
TJ, Laird, and Alfio hard at work. T. J. is contemplating the fate of humanity.
Alycia has joined us again.
The burro herd showed up after dinner.
Clay, by the light that never warms. (If you don’t get that reference, you need to start listening to our songs.)

We close tonight with deep thoughts by T. J. Rodigas: “What I’m worried about is human knowledge after the Earth is destroyed . . . we should beam it up to the space station.”